About Us

Orbis Consulting International is a global company that specializes in international education, migration, academic accreditation and international residence and citizenship planning. Orbis Consulting International was founded by a team of international education, migration, strategy and business consultants with combined experience of over 40 years and who have successfully assisted thousands of clients from over 20 countries to achieve their goals to study, migrate, invest and reside in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, EU and the USA. Our highly qualified professionals work together with our global partners as one team in 9 offices worldwide.

We listen to what our clients want. We give our clients unparalleled service, we become their partner on whom they can depend to achieve their future goals in an environment of integrity, excellence, value centricity and respect towards our clients, employees and society. Our team experts offers valuable recommendations and assistance throughout the process of your application, including enrolment process and student visa, all temporary and permanent resident visas, academic accreditation, residence and citizenship planing.

It is important you trust us with your personal information. We take your privacy and security very seriously. We will only ask you for the information we need to help you achieve your education, migration, residence and citizenship goals.

Orbis Consulting International may collect and use the following kinds of personal information:

• information about your use of this website

• information that you provide using for the purpose of registering with the website

• information about transactions carried out over this website

• information that you provide for the purpose of subscribing to the website services

• any other information that you send to Orbis Consulting International

At Orbis Consulting International we show respect by celebrating, valuing and caring for our clients and communities. At Orbis Consulting International we show respect by celebrating, valuing and caring for our clients and communities.

Corporate Responsibility Principles:

• Aligned with Orbis Consulting International strategy and business objectives

• Aligned to Orbis Consulting International values, vision and mission

• Evidence based and regularly measured and communicated

• Delivering benefits to our clients and communities

• Ethical and committed to quality